Does the Martingale System Work and safe strategy.



Hi, I’m Dean from and today we’re going to talk about the Martingale betting strategy from this site (메이저사이트) . So what is the Martingale System, And why does it continue to be so popular? Let’s use the roulette table as an example. 메이저놀이터

This is actually where the Martingale System originated. You might start by betting £1 on red. If the outcome is red, you win your £1 plus your original £1 stake and you are in profit. However, if the outcome is black, you lose your £1 you’re currently £1 down.

The Martingale System now dictates that you should place £2 on red as your next bet. Now, if the outcome is red, you’ll win your £2 Get your stake back of £2 and you have a total of £4 after staking £3 you’re in profit to the tune of £1.

However, if you lose with the second bet, that means you’ve lost with a £1 bet and a £2 bet, which means you’re now £3 down in total. The Martingale System now dictates that you should place £4 on your next 50/50 bet.

Will it be third time lucky if you place two losing bets Perhaps, but if your £4 bet on red is this time a winner, Then you win £4 + your stake of £4, which means a bankroll of £8. After just staking £7.

You can see the general idea of the Martingale System until you land a winner, and you start over again with a small unit stake Using this latest example. If you actually lost your £1 bet, your £2 bet your £4 bet you’d go ahead and stake £8 on the next.

If you lost £8, you’d have to bet £16, £32, £64 and so on until you land that elusive profit. Well, now comes that million-dollar question. In theory, a roulette player could be able to make a small profit by deploying this strategy, although there are some obvious pitfalls that do need to be taken into account.

Firstly, what happens if you have a succession, a long one of losing bets, You might lose with your first six bets, starting with £1, which would mean you would actually lose If you’re £63 down from six casino bets.

Will your bankroll allow you to bet a further £64 in order to secure that tiny profit, And that’s the second negative? You could end up staking large amounts of money simply to secure just that small return each and every time As gamblers, we’re always looking for ways to beat the house and the Martingale System has probably worked for some people over the past few centuries.

It’S hard to recommend as a gambling strategy, but it’s very exciting to play if anything else, Thanks for watching, If you’re in the market, for a new online casino site to play roulette, simply click the link at the end of this video to be brought to our List of top sites and best bonuses. Information source from :


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